Chamakos - Iliakos Gyros - About Us
The company

Chamakos – Iliakos Gyros

The company CHAMAKOS IOANNIS IOANNIS AND SIA S.A. with the distinctive title CHAMAKOS – ILIACOS GYROS is a purely Greek company that has been active in the food industry since the 1980s until today.

The sectors covered by our business activity are the wholesale distribution of fresh chickens from the Agricultural Cooperative of Arta with which we have maintained an exclusive partnership since 1982, as well as processing, production, and packaging of chicken and quality meat products that characterize the Greek market, such as chicken and pork souvlaki, chicken and pork rounds, smoked country sausages and many other products, are recipes that have been loved and opened new horizons for our company.

Who we are

Meat Processing Industry

We work to develop relationships that allow us to understand the unique needs of each of our customers as well as respond quickly to specific requests with high-quality, authentic tasting products.

At the same time, we monitor international food market developments through visits to international exhibitions and maintain contacts with well-known companies in the food industry.

We responsibly adhere to the HACCP principles and comply with all regulations and specifications provided by the Greek and EU legislation.

Chamakos - Iliakos Gyros - About Us
Chamakos - Iliakos Gyros - About Us

Our principles

Our goal is to become and remain a valuable business partner for our suppliers but above all to help our customers differentiate themselves in their respective markets, understanding the unique needs of each individual, and responding quickly to their specific requests with high-quality products and packaging.

Chamakos - Iliakos Gyros - About Us

Excellent quality

The company HAMAKOS – ILEIAKOS GYROS constantly invests in qualified personnel with excellent know-how, as well as in new technologies. At the same time, we can fully control not only the quality of the production process but also all stages of material supply through the traceability system.

Chamakos - Iliakos Gyros - About Us

Panhellenic network

We have a privately owned fleet of refrigerated trucks to cover deliveries, without charge & at the same time we can supply food service providers with remarkable meat and chicken products, in all cities and islands of Greece.